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NVX JAD 1200.1 + DD1 does not work

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If you can get 1.8V out of the RCAs with Track 1, how many Volts do you get out of the speaker terminals with 1.8V going into amplifier with gain at minimum? How many at Maximum gain?

I'm guessing that the amplifier doesn't have enough gain designed into it. But with those measurements made we will know for sure.


I havent seen this dyno on this board, but if they did a cert run, it looks for >1.0% distortion . Meaning, the dd1 software worked. Again, i havent seen this dyno test on this board.

If they did a un cert run, it looks for clipping. Meaning again, the dd1 software did its job.

IMHO, ...Your "people" you are "speaking with", are doing it wrong.

Definitely not user error. I swap out the JAD1200.1D for my old hifonics amp and follow the same procedure (instructions that came with the dd1) and it works, distortion light shows up. With the JAD the distortion light never lights up. Guess I would have to make a video of it. RCA voltage is 1.8v at max clean volume. I can get it to distort while finding the hu max clean volume through the RCAs just not after I hook into the JAD1200.1D.

Alright playing Track 1 off the CD, I get 1.837v directly on the RCAs. Coming out of the speaker outputs 9.93v with gain at minimum LPF at max (320Hz) SSF at lowest (20Hz). Max gain I get around 50v. One thing I did notice though, when I was up closer to max gain the voltage would fluctuate drastically. It really wasn't a solid voltage after I got past 39.9V. It would bounce all over the place. 60v, 40v, heck even up to like 65v playing track 1. Go back to the RCAs and they read 1.837v without fluctuating.

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So return the amp then ? Is it garbage?

Yes and get that twisted sounds !!!!!!! before i snatch it from you !!!!

No. If you are happy with it, keep banging away. It just means you'll never be able to get 100% out of the amp. That can be a good thing, you'll likely never blow it. If it sounds good to you keep it. If 95% isn't good enough for you, then return it.

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