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Project Flexington: 157.6db @ 37hz Parallel 6th order walk through, DC Neo Elite 18s, 4 DC 5.0ks, JY Lithium, 12 banks of XS Caps

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the_garynator    462
18 hours ago, WalledSonic said:

All i see is room for 6 more rows/banks of caps

7 more actually....gonna be sooo expensive to keep my OCD happy, especially going 18v 😢😢😢😢

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the_garynator    462

Pinch weld cleaned up



Almost ready to zap on the 1/4" plate. Drilled some holes in it and welded in the 1/8 flat stock so I can weld the center of the plate to them.


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the_garynator    462
16 minutes ago, WalledSonic said:

Bodywork sucks man, kudos to you!

Thanks man! Finally getting the hang of welding, pretty happy about that lol.

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the_garynator    462

Stripper pole gussetted, added 2 more cross braces to the roof bracing and finished welding the b pillar plate. Just have to weld the mounting bracket for the electromagnet on and do some more bracing on the b pillar, but the bracing will have to wait until I have the caps in because I need to make sure I don't run outta time.





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    • By WalledSonic
      The purpose of this thread is to evaluate and discuss the internal resistance of various batteries and (possibly?) test methods.
      I’ll start this off by using the DC Load method to test some XS AGM, some K2 73Ah cells, and some K2/JYP 80Ah cells.  The DC load method was used because that’s all the equipment that I had available or was able to purchase quickly and on the cheap.  Here’s a link for more information on Load Test Methods.
      Calculation used was Rint = ((Vrest/Vload) -1) x Rload)
      Rint = internal resistance
      Vrest = Voltage at rest
      Vload = Voltage once load is applied
      Rload = resistance of the load resistor
      Now onto some pictures of the setup.  If there is something amiss please chime in so we can figure it out.
      1ohm load resistors (although they test out at 0.9ohm)

      I connected them in series on one end, and I can change the resistance by simply connecting my jumper wire differently. I have the opportunity to connect at 0.45ohm, 0.9ohm, and 1.8ohm.  Here's proof of half(ish) ohm, although I didnt use this low of a resistance for data collection:

      So this connection would be 1.8ohm

      This connection would be 0.9ohm

      Here's the 73Ah K2 cells (not JY collaboration batteries)

      The day before testing, I topped off all the batteries, including the JYP's in the back and the AGMs to the right. 

      24 hours later, I actually took measurements.

      Data for the lithiums:

      Data for the D3400R AGM

      Looking forward to some comments, suggestions, etc.  Thanks for looking!
    • By WalledSonic
      Its time to refresh this build log!  Been a busy summer with Slam, Heatwave, Photobucket took a sh*t, sold my other car, etc etc.
      Here's some pics from the last build log, since the PB pics arent visible anymore:

      Cant fit more tire in this car.  Bass squat.

      But that flush tho

      Roll bar

    • By Krupske
      The plans have changed a little bit, no wall but two 12's now
      The reason for making this new thread.
      Old thread  https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/205731-my-first-audio-build/
      The car













      Still a lot more to deaden!
      Btw i've used Silent Coat and STP ak04 premium
      So the new plan(setup) will be as following:
      HU: ?? don't know yet
      Subs: 2 Phoenix Gold Elite.12D4
      Subs Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T2500.1
      Mids and Highs: Phoenix Gold Elite.65CS Components
      Mids and Highs Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T400.2
      Ground Zero GZBP 12.3500X battery under the hood
      XS Power XE 12-110 battery in the back
      180 Amp Alternator
      OFC 0 awg power/ground/big 3
      OFC 4 awg power/ground
      OFC 8 awg subwoofer wire
      OFC 10 awg speaker wire
      Rockford Fosgate Fuses
      Rockford Fosgate Fuseholders 6x
      Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 10feet 2x
      Rockford Fosgate PEQ remote controller
      Some dual inputs
      Stinger voltmeter
      Some parts

















      I'm now waiting on the 0awg and 10awg OFC wire to come thru the mail, then its all complete..
      Box is finished just need to wrap it.
      Thanks to JOE X for the box design!!
      It's for 2 zv4 12's but i'm hoping it will work fine with the Elite.12's
      You'll be hearing from me soon, as soon as ive done some more work
    • By dylan117
      I've seen quite a few write-ups on 4th order ratios and what not, but am struggling to find anything on 6th orders. what would a 1:1 compared to a 2:1, 3:1, etc. ratio 6th order sound like? Thanks!
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