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Project Flexington: 160.3db @ 37hz!! Parallel 6th order walk through, DC Neo Elite 18s, 4 DC 5.0ks, JY Lithium, 12 banks of XS Caps

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So to catch up on pictures, here's where I mounted the subs to the removable baffles.

I used 1/4" bolts with nylon lock washers but was worried the points might tear the surround:


So I ground down 2 of the points, since the heads just fit in the basket, all I had to do to keep them from spinning as I tightened the nuts was apply a bit of pressure with my finger.


Here's a sub mounted in the removable baffle


Subs mounted, gotta say my removable baffle system was worth the time and work, almost no effort to load the subs. It was great!!!!


Crimped some ends, the kolossus fleks 4/0 is massive


Got wire?


Warhorse mounted. Made a temporary buss bar to tide me over until I get my projectdb ones.


Managed to get 4 runs of 1/0 from front to back and one nsb170ft installed. Definitely can tell it will get much louder once I get more electrical installed!

Awsome build. I'm taking notes on your box, I love it. Are those 10s SVC? Where will you cross them over at if you don't mind me asking?

Thanks man! I'm not sure what it am going to cross them over at. I'm planning on getting a dsp in the near future with active crossovers and adjust. And yes they're svc.

On that note, I ordered the DC 175.4 that will be powering the 10s!

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Damn awesome build dude!!!! Makes me miss my walk through build I started in my ranger even more, can't wait to see this finished and playing!!!


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On 8/2/2013 at 8:13 PM, n8ball2013 said:

this is much worse. Its old n8 without the time or patience to hold fucking hands. I'm supposed to be doing school work but yet here i am making sure jr fuck fuck isn't trying to poke the other kids with a stick.

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I wanna get a demo some day! Dont know if there are any more meets this year tho :/ Wish I could have made it to Fond du Lac last weekend.

Cant wait to see it all done! Looks great!

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Thanks guys! Definitely down to demo, it's what I am building it for, just hit me up, my schedule is pretty flexible.

Sealed off the wall tonight and now I'm crimping lugs on more runs of 1/0. I think I've decided to run dedicated grounds instead of using the frame but going to have to wait for another 100ft of black shca 1/0 to get here. Other than that I just need buss bars and hardware for my caps then electrical will be complete :)

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