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Project Flexington: 160.3db @ 37hz!! Parallel 6th order walk through, DC Neo Elite 18s, 4 DC 5.0ks, JY Lithium, 12 banks of XS Caps

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3 hours ago, BP1Fanatic said:

I can't wait to see the finished pics!

Thanks!  Can't wait to get it playing with the new subs. Going to have to wait for about 3 months unfortunately. But that gives me time to finish installing the electrical and to rebuild the wall.

44 minutes ago, tboorn said:

looks awesome, im ready to see some big boy subs on lots of power haha

Hell yeah...I told myself Iwas going to stay at 10k, but with the new subs I'm starting to consider going with 2 DC 9ks next winter...but that means I'll need more electrical lol.

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First update:

Put the hood on and modified the cap to fit:

Got the rest of the 10s installed:

Special thanks to Rusty at DC Audio for the exceptional customer service he continually provides. Here's my 175.4 I got to power the 10s:

And it's installed:

Removed the bench seats and tore out the front mounts in preparation for installing my new bucket seats:

Mocked up the driver side seat frame:

Welded the front mount in, the new seat frame will bolt to it and the rear of the frame will bolt to the stock points:

Frame complete:

Seats installed...still have to mount the passenger seat better, i just bolted it to the floor for now since ill be doing some reinforcements soon:

Lost 3db at some point, figure this may have something to do with it...the doors arent a fan of sub 30hz lol:

Mirror is starting to separate:

Tears starting in the sheet metal on the door below the mirror:

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Update 2:

Around this point the transmission went out unfortunately.  I decided to upgrade to a 4l60e with a B&M  2500rpm stall converter, B&M ratchet shifter and a TCI standalone transmission controller. The old transmission was a 3 speed turbo 350 so highway driving wasnt really feasible since it was spinning about 3300rpm at 65mph due to the stock nissan rear end.

Sourced a freshly rebuilt 4L60e from a 98 silverado and got the shift computer basically brand new from a friend for a good deal:

new torque converter and ratchet shifter showed up too. The high stall should help a ton with performance since the motor has a fairly aggressive cam and was really doggy off the line with the stock converter:

My buddy and I started the tear down:

Engine / trans ready to come out:

And it's out, time to swap transmissions:

Decided i needed a ridiculous light bar lol:

Engine bay looks so empty and the light bar looks ridiculous lol!

New transmission on, engine ready to go back in!

Engine back in it's home:

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Update 3:

Bunch of new fun stuff for the build in this update.

Decided i needed a new carb and intake manifold...did some research and settled on a holley ultra street avenger 670cfm. It should be perfect for my engine and it's one of the best out there from what i read:

Decided i also needed a center console. After some digging i ordered one from a 2000 xterra and cant believe how perfect it fit:


Also got a new speedometer and a trans temp gauge:

Figured i needed some led lighting for my box too lol:

Also got some new front lights and hids as well as black billet grill inserts (not pictured)

Finally got some hardware for my caps and bought a bad ass bass knob from Jims Machineworx on black friday!

Also finally bought myself a new welder! Miller Multimatic 215 with the tig kit. It's phenomenal, boy was i missing out!

Decided it was time for a head unit upgrade too. Pretty stoked for active crossovers and a backup cam:

Still got a bit more to come before this thread is caught up, so stay tuned!

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Damn son, i wanna see a 1/4 mile run while simultaneously bumpin 155dB. LOL

Chevy Sonic Wall (4) 15's on 10k Build Log


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1 hour ago, mcanderson0 said:

Damn son, i wanna see a 1/4 mile run while simultaneously bumpin 155dB. LOL

HAHAHAHA, should rip pretty good with the upgrades.  It actually was pretty quick before the transmission took a crap, even with all of the equipment in, kept up with a superduty that has 16k under the hood!

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3 hours ago, Mr DeeBeez said:

I wasn't also looking at getting that head unit for the active crossovers. Let me know how you like it. Are you running full active?

I was planning on running full active but found out the "3 way active crossovers" are actually 2 way wait the sub out as the 3rd. So it kinda threw a wrench in my gears since my tweeters have passive crossovers  and i needed active for the woofers and midranges.  I might end up switching out the PA 10s for something with more frequency range and do active on my tweetes and whatever i end up using for mids.  Ill definitely let you know 

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Oh dang! That was the feature that had me considering that unit. I love having a double din but being able to run full active would be so nice. I dont really want to get an 80prs like most people. Dont think I could go back to a single din

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