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Just picked up a power hx2 12" for $30. It works fine but the spider is shot. Needs a recone and upgraded. I need to know what's the best volume and tune for this sub running at about 2,000 watt rms in a 98 honda civic. Manual says 2.5cu.ft at 40 hz so just seeing if anyone has a experience with these and a better setup. Would a 4th order or 6th order be better then a sloted box? Should i go for aero ports to play with the tuning? Any help would be appreciated. I've searched to see if I could find a suggestion but all are conflicting and not what rockford recommends. Also the wide range for volumes (1.75cu.ft-4cu.ft) is not helping. Throw me some suggestions please so I can get the best performance out of this legend!

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