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Which way does 12v battery power flow?

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I have seen too many articles and arguments about the flow of power from a battery.
Does the negative side feed the amp

or does the positive side feed the amp?

I am not an electrical engineer. So the whole Pos feeds the Neg side of the battery, ohms law states blah blah blah. I need a management level explanation, not an engineers level explanation.

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voltage flows from the place with the least resistance, which would be what has the highest voltage potential, which would be your positive connection.

the flow of current is a argument that can not be solved at this time, due to it being a theory from both sides. Some say it flows from positive to negative, others say negative to positive. I was taught from negative to positive, but i don't pick either side because its an irrelevant argument to me, because no matter which way it flows, you still need a positive and a negative to complete a circuit.

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no matter which way it flows, you still need a positive and a negative to complete a circuit.

That's a pretty good point there Reedal. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter much in our applications though. I'd worry more about maintaining a safe voltage than I would would what direction the pixies are moving in.

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When you set up a DC Circuit, you should always connect your grounds first. DC current flow (from what I've always learned in my years of electronics) travels negative to positive.

When you disconnect a DC Circuit ... ground first.

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That's what I've heard as well. IT'S the nomenclature that is the problem. "POsitive" voltage and "negative" voltage. Maybe it should have been called forward voltage and reverse voltage. Would have less confusion

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Well, electrons flow from the "negative" to the "positive" which is taught as electron flow/current. The other way is current flows from "positive" to "negative" which is called conventional current. Which one you use to think is irrelevant, as long as you know which is which.


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Electrons flow negative to positive.

Before that was understood, current was simply designated as flowing positive to negative.

Doesn't specifically matter as long as people recognize that current flows in a circle and is equal throughout that circle.

Therefore everything in that circle is dependent on the weakest link.

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Electron flow vs conventional is only important when the mathematical equation you are using requires only one or the other.

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With electrons flowing from - to + why then would power leads fused on the positive run?

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