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Time to meter the Blazer...

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Does anyone know anybody in the Phoenix area who might be willing to help me by metering the Blazer... Lol... I'd need a way to contact them as well...

Please help I do not want to wait till the fall to get it done at Wild Horse Pass... It's not a couple of P3's on a thousand watts!.. I swear!... No disrespect to Rockford fans meant...I just need to find the general cabin resonance and burp it once or twice... please help!


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    • By Bl800dy
      I recently bought a crescendo 3500 for my hd12s and noticed that the clipping light turns on at a certain volume I haven’t tuned my amps but I don’t notice or here and distortion I have it on my daily driver, i never really tuned any of my past systems yet never had a problem with distortion/clipping does it matter if I get a little clipping in my system?
    • By Bl800dy
      I’m buying 4 2ohm subs yet I’m putting them in two separate boxes I’m going to wire it down to 1 ohm but the problem is how would I do it since there’s two separate boxes?
    • By tmoney09
      Ok so here is the deal..I have a Nissan 370z so room is well very scarce. Before my Nissan i was running a 15 inch FI BL. After i bought the Nissan i bought a 12 inch Fi Neo Q because i just thought there was no way in hell i would fit the 15 in that small hatch. Being used to the 15 i hated the Neo Q it just wasn't satisfying to me. So I sold that and bought a 12 inch Fi BL and it was definitely better, not quite what I was hoping for but it was better. Months later comes a bright sunny day and out of boredom i just go to measuring to see if there was any way possible to get that 15 in there and believe it or not i came up with a box that would fit. Flip side to that though it that is bare bones minimum and there in no free space to make the box any bigger. After port displacement and speaker displacement it was around 2.95 cubes. I threw the FI in there and let her rip and believe it or not it sounds pretty darn good. In this car the enclosure is directly behind my head so it's pretty loud.  My Fi is getting old and i was looking to upgrade. It did well on my hifonics brutus 2400 but i recently upgraded to the soundqubed 2200 and it seems to be a bit much for the FI (this sub is like 5 years old and has been through hell). So i was looking at the hdc4 2000 watt sub as an replacement. Seems to be a perfect match for the 2200 amp but iv'e read that it's a stiff sub and i'm concerned that if the sub is as stiff as people have said then being in a smaller enclosure may be a problem. Have any of you tried one of these in such a small enclosure?
    • By FearMeIan
      Hi everyone!
      My question to all you experts out there (since im a noob) is this
      I have a Interfire speaker amp giving 90rms x 4 at 4 ohms but the problem is this...it doesnt come with a knob for tuning the frequency of my speakers its either 50,100 or 150 switch.
      I have my eye on a new pioneer amp (GM-D8604) but a friend of mine says it wont change my sound quiality. I have no issues with my system but think i can make an upgrade for the better
      I have my 4 speakers Rockford Fosgate Power Series very happy with them but once again think i can make them better.
      Thank you all for your time. Hope I can get some help
    • By Antoni Čović
      Hello everyone, I didn't see any similar topics on forum so I thought I will open one.. 

      So the point of this topic is to post your watt clamped results from your system. 
      You can post pictures or just write.. 

      It would be cool if you wrote your equipment: amplifier, subwoofer, box size and tuning, electrical and then post your clamped results.
      You can post a picture or video of your system too!

      If you don't know how to measure your watts look at this tutorial: http://ddaudio.com/faq/clamp-testing/

      So let me begin.

      Amplifier: Hifoinics BXI6000D
      Subwoofer: Fi audio Q 15 wired to 1 ohm
      Box: 4cuft 32hz tuning
      Electrical: 2x 54ah battery & 75a alternator

      Clamp result: 1064 Watts (50 Hz)


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