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My Recent Warranty Experience

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(putting this up top so anyone that doesn't wanna read the whole thing will still see it)

does anyone have a reducer for the nvx amps they are willing to sell or know where i can get one 



/\ build in question


so i recently (kinda) had one of my jad1200.1 amps start acting up (video on build page) so i contacted sonic about getting a replacement they responded quickly and after paying for the shipping label i sent it out 

it took about a week for it to ship to them and them to ship it back (about a week total) and upon receiving my new amp i opened it to find it was missing the power adapter bass knob and Manuel bag so i contacted sonic on February 25th 

i got a response that said " I've put in  a missing parts order. It should be fulfilled this week,  with the parts that you need being shipped out to you." that was 8 weeks ago

 on March 16th i sent a follow up email and was told "I checked and follow up the order and it shows that it is in pending approval status. But, I already sent a follow-up request for this order so that we can send it out as soon as possible. I do apologize for the inconvenience."

on April 4th i was told my replacements would be sent out 4-26-2017   

on April 7th i received a package that was supposed to contain the power cable reducer, manual bag, and bass knob well 2 outa 3 aint bad right? right? wrong! i got the bass knob and manual bag but not the power cable reducer (which i stated in my first email was the only item i needed)

upon finding that the reducer was missing i sent another email to sonic on April 7th that received no reply

on April 19th i resent the email from the 7th and i was told "We apologize for this delayed response. I can request this missing part but I cannot give an assurance to send it fast. If you can source this piece locally, I'd be happy to credit your account." to which i replyed "I have not been able to find just that part from any retailer or I would have likely already done so seeing as it has be ~ 2 months that I have been trying to get it from y'all"



if you need a warranty replacement from sonic your golden

if you need missing part to be replaced better grab the ky jelly cause its not gona be fun



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Sonic has gone downhill a lot recently. A quick google search will confirm this as well as other people who have dealt with them recently. On another forum, a member on there has stated they shut down one of their warehouses for some unknown reason.

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@Clownrock95 - sorry man not enough customers recently which caused a round of layoffs and led to some unexpected to support issues. Hopefully you can give us another shot in the future.


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