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Book 1 - Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems.  According to my last royalty statement, it's sold over 41,000 copies between the physical book (38,000+) and electronic versions.  Kind of surreal!

Here's a link:  https://ceautoelectricsupply.com/wiring-and-efi-conversion-books/

Let me tell you how it all happened . . . 

One Saturday afternoon long ago, I was watching Horsepower TV.  They were installing a Roush supercharger kit on a Mustang GT and Joe Elmore looks at the camera and says, "I don't know about you, but wiring is my least favorite part of any job."  That was my cue.  I had several books that I thought were well produced on Ignition Systems, Supercharging, etc. and the publisher was CarTech Books.  So, I went to their web site, hit the Contact Us tab, proposed the book in a short email, and the rest is history.

Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems has sold well from day one, being on CarTech's Best Seller list continually since published.  The follow up book, Automotive Electrical Performance Projects sold 5,000 copies and then we revised it (I hated that title and the original cover), changing the title to Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems, Vol 2: Projects.  The revised book has already outsold the original in far less time.

Finally, my EFI book - EFI Conversions, How to Swap your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection - is beginning to find it's groove as well.

Let this be a reminder when you think you can't accomplish something.  I can assure you that you absolutely can if you put your all into it!



Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
Email me at [email protected] to learn about becoming an SMD Partner!


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Congrats! You have done some amazing work for the community. Always love your threads. They get me thinking and questioning the norms.

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