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Mine doesn't resize. Maybe its a MOD account thing.

91 C350 Centurion conversion ( Four Door One Ton Bronco)

250A Alternator (Second Alternator Coming Soon)

G65 AGM Up Front  / Two G31 AGM in Back

Pioneer 80PRS

CT Sounds AT125.2 / CT Sounds 6.5 Strato Pro component Front Stage

CT Sounds AT125.2 / Lanzar Pro 8" coax w/compression horn tweeter Rear Fill

FSD 5000D 1/2 ohm (SoundQubed 7k Coming Soon)

Two HDS315 Four Qubes Each 34hz (Two HDC3.118 and New Box Coming Soon)

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sorry man, i can't allow much larger file sizes than the ones currently available.  It is already set way larger than they would ever need to be for a forum or web use.   I use an iphone and post directly to the site but i also use a desktop.  If you are uploading directly from mobile you may want to consider using an app to reduce the file sizes down.  If you find out there is no way for you to do that, i don't want you to be upset or feel cheated.  I can refund your supporting membership no problem.


sorry man!


p.s. just out of curiosity, what size are the files you are trying to upload? 

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Alright its all good Steve ill figure something out. Maybe theres a camera app that can take pics at a certain file size that will work or something. Just tryna keep as little steps as possible from "taking a pic" to "posting a pic". Direct uploads from Camera wouldve been perfect. My iphone 6s plus doesnt give any info like the data size on the pictures specs and stuff. I tried looking for pic settings or something but couldnt find much, nothing that helped anyway. Lol and nah bro, no need for a refund, i still dig the forum and the Tools and stuff u supply, ill still support. 

Ill post back if i find an app that helps out so others can use it too. I use the imgurl app and its good but to post a build log with lots of pics, that would be a pain goin back and forth and copying links and posting links lol. Thanks again for responding Steve 

i found the file size my camera takes from another app, 3.5 mb is the size of all my regular pics. This app shirks them down to 91KB....wtf is iphone doin lol the pics look exactly the same. Apple tryna get u to use up space quick so u buy those 1,000,000gig iphones lol. 

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Found out file size
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This app seems like itll work, pretty simple too, WAYYYYYYY easier than doing imgurl and copy pasting links and all that BS. You open the app, click all the pics u want to shrink (still looks the same). Then it shrink all the pics u selected and is automatically deleted ur huge data pics and replaced them with ur small data pics in ur gallery. So now u can use the direct post feature buy chosing photo gallery. Still cant take a live pic and post it, but this will do for now. 



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1 minute ago, 06RTCharger said:

Ill check that out, i gotta make one first lol. 

Its super easy.  Snapchat doesnt auto save to your gallery though.  After you take a pic you have to go to your snaps and then select save to camera roll.  Should be g2g from there.


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