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Let me break it down for you.  SOTM is a way for Steve to give back to the community.  Over the years, we've given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear to SMD Members.  Nearly all of our SMD Partners (both current and past) have supported the idea with open arms and have been incredibly generous with their offerings.  Nobody is entitled to it, no more than you're entitled to the Power Ball winnings for buying a ticket.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see the non-stop arguing, cheating, belly-aching, and general whining that has accompanied this act of kindness.  So, I'll leave this up to you guys.  If you want SOTM back, then you have to champion it.  You have to discourage the BS and be positive with your input.  If you see a n()()b doing something wrong when trying to enter, show him how to do it right.  If you suspect foul play, then bring it to the mod's attention versus littering up the SOTM threads with discussions of it - this is my biggest beef.

If you want to see a perfect example of what SOTM shouldn't be, just watch the tournament in White Men Can't Jump . . . and then add cheating to it.

Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
Email me at [email protected] to learn about becoming an SMD Partner!


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I agree, Snafu. It started to feel like people were getting constantly attacked over everything a few years ago, and I ended up leaving the forum.

I'm back again because I know this is the place for me to sharpen my skills back up, and to encourage others in their builds rather than hate on them.


2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback (build in progress)

NVX Sound Deadener (Front Doors)
Stinger FAST Rings

Stock Electrical

SSA Evil 6.5's Front Speakers
Stock rear speakers

MB Quart ONX4.80 speaker amp
Rockford Fosgate T-1500bdcp
DC Level 4 12" D1 @ 2-ohm
Box In Design Stage
Stock Radio
My Build Log

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