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DD1+ gain overlap "preference"

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First. Let me remind you there is a reason i chose my username lol.

Second. Yes, i have used the search function for the past 3 hours.

Third. I'm still not 100% confident that i fully understand the dynamics here.

Following the DD1+ manual and rechecking my numbers for all channels, I came up with:

-Head unit volume 40hz - 33, 1k - 40 and subwoofer channel - 37 (... btw, can i put my head unit volume at 30 to do the gain setting on my amps accurately. Its an OCD thing)

-then on my 4 ch amp, i did my gain setting till light stayed on, clicked read (said 15db) changed track and says it is .4 overlap and on my sub amp .7 overlap

however the next step it says set to "desired gain overlap" which lost me bc idk what this is based on...  Should i zero it out to say "no overlap"? Or do i turn it up till it says a certain number?

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...and also, should the gain overlap be a different level for full range or sub amp?

...or do i set the overlap for each amp, specifically based on its own readings?

...and is there a relationship between the 2 levels?


Thanks in advance!

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Try -1.5dB for your 4 channel and -5dB for sub amp. That should be a safeish starting point. Common overlap for sub amps seems to be in the -5 to -10dB range. Some ppl who compete push waaaay further than that, like -15dB and even higher.

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every stereo ive set with dd 1 ive had to use max sound quality for sub amps cuz any of the setups that had real power ended up getting stinky subs on anything else.

ive setup a cheap boss amp on maximum loudness setting and it was fine, think it depends on your power and subs really

Kenwood excelon ddx795

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                                            4 PA x4 SPL 18's
                     4 Digital Designs m5's at .7 ohms each
        2 K2 80 ah lithiums

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2007 Yukon xl


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