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August 2017 SOTM entries - Sponsored by Sundown Audio!!!

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xhristopher    1


Finaly it work to attached my pic, this is our 2015 Toyota Altis, I already change the head unit as int comes out with a stock 1, I used to have a ound set up on my old Toyota but I sold it already, This altis has big space for those very good Sundown Subs and Amps ☺☺☺ Attached is a picture of the trunk. More power to you steave and always keep the Bass Pumpin and Wheels Rollin! 

Thank you,




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snafu    1,027

I see a bunch of vehicles that need systems here!  Good luck to all entrants.

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Mr DeeBeez    647

Here's my moms Ford Escape. Told here I will get her a system one of these days. This would be the perfect system for her! 



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TheGoat    2

Happy wife, happy life... except when there's no bass.


My 20016 GTI is in need of some bass. I used to have an 05 Golf with a 15" FI BTL N2 on a Sundown SAZ 2500D but I sold it all for one of these to give to my girlfriend. The itch never left, help me feed my need and get some bass back in my life


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Smoove    1,471

I'm glad to see SOTM back.
Thank you Sundown for putting up some great prizes.

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8ten8    38
On 8/6/2017 at 5:38 PM, 8ten8 said:


My buddy's 91 Suburban 



Sorry bout the extra post guys. The rules say "member next to the car"...not in it. Just covering my bases. Good luck everybody 


Edited by 8ten8

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      I am trying to find out information on ported box size for the team neo 15s. i am looking at putting 2 into a 03 mazda protege 5 at the b pillar 15k out of 2 sundown scv-7500d any information to figure out what to do would be greatly appreciated
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      So, this will be one slowwww ass build. I just got the truck not very long ago. As soon as I got it I started to work on the little things that were wrong with it. This will be both a performance build log and audio. So first things first. I stripped all the interior so I can have access to the floor to clean it and apply some second skin. I bought a 40 pound box of b stock Second Skin (which I used up on the floor). I used the 40 pound box and about another box and a half (20 sheets) of damp pro. Overall I got a minimum of 2 layers some spots 3/4. Reason I put so much emphasis on the floor is because the trucks exhaust will be loud once it's done. Anyway here are some pictures. 
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      driver displacement= 0.25 cu.ft
      port displacement= 1,57 cu.ft
      port dimension = W(3,4") - H(20") - LENGTH(33.6")(carstereo.com)
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      1x sundown zv5 15.skp
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