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DroppinHz review

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Awhile back I ordered a laundry list of things from Droppin HZ. It was nice being able to order mostly everything from 1 site. I racked up a Bill of a little over $1000. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if they were offering any discounts at the time. They kindly looked over my order and told me they could give me a 10% discount on everything except the Nendo door speakers. That was wonderful, it almost covered the shipping. But from there things took a different turn. I'm gonna list some dates and brief descriptions to kind of give you an idea of how everything happened.

June 28 - contacted them about a discount

June 29- received discount code and paid in full for my order

July 9- had all packages but 1. Contacted them about missing package

July 10- said they wet checking into it

July 11- asked about progress

July 14- asked again since I hadn't received response

July 17- received the last package with 1 item missing

July 18- contacted them about missing item

July 19- they said they would ship it out that day

Aug 14- started a dispute through PayPal

Aug 21- after no response I escalated it to a claim

Now the odd part here is that within a couple hours of escalating it and the payment I made being threatened they offered a refund of the exact price of the item. 

So overall it was a negative experience as you can see and I just thought I would share. I constantly hear about these people being good people which I'm sure they are but their customer service was not so great.


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Surprised to hear about your experience. Every experience I have with Cody and Jeff has been great. Maybe they have been really busy with all of the shows or something. Usually customer service is top notch with them. 

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^^^ This.. Always have had great customer service with Cody and Jeff. If I remember Cody being away from the office for a few weeks being at a show in July. It sucks about the issue you are having. Hope it all works out. 

Thats cool. Im way too old to be upset by shit like that. Your name is winston. Your own parents hated you even before you were born.

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