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WW2 is definitely on my list of games to get. Trailers looked really good and I like that COD finally went back to the past. Don't like all this futuristic stuff. 

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Chevyboy nailed it. It is boots on the ground style,  which I like. Fuck jump packs and wall walking. The game takes some getting use to. It' a lil clunky. But, some patches I'm sure will help. I like it tbh. Guns are fun, maps are good. Graphics on par. Nothing spectacular but good. Look up and around at game start. Some neat stuff going ok. Game play is average, but, I like the boots on the ground, and not a million kill streaks going on. I like the old WWII type shit going on. I did the campaign for about 4 hours, and man, I will say it' been my fav for a long while. 


Me and Tyler are doing well,  .. Nothing awesome (well, he's fucking good,  I'm not) we win more than lose,  don' care about kd,  but objectives. We have fun to. Which that's been a while. It is fun, but it needs some work to smooth it out for sure. 

That said,.. 


I'm jumping on here ina sec when the lady friend smashes two more episodes of stranger things. Anyone wanna add me, send me a thingy, and say your from smd. I'l be on all day. Finally got some time off from work and other shit. Gonna take advantage of it and sit, get loaded and play all day. See ya on...


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On 11/6/2017 at 4:52 PM, n8ball2013 said:

How is it?


On 11/6/2017 at 5:24 PM, Ahmed Johnson said:

do you like it? You already know I hate the new ones. The super jump and slide is stupid as fuck

Yep. Trav nailed it  read his reply. Nate, i don't recall what you prefer, but this is boots on the ground shit. No flying and walking on walls. The guns, I think you'l love, as they are legit weapons. Old school. 

Brandon, get it ... get it so we can play all winter ;)  I don't see you on much at all. I wanna play with ya again lol. We always seemed to havefun at least. 

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On 11/7/2017 at 3:33 AM, omg_spoon said:

its the worst one i've played, last one was mw3.  on pc the it detection is garbage as fuck and 1 if not more people are cheating each match.

that is every PC cod ever, cheating. How are you surprised?

And hate to go with the stereotypical diss, it this is the worst one you have played, you are just bad at it...

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Lets get more people playing.

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