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"Shadow" 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK/4th Order/(4) 8's/DC 3.5K/Large Case Hairpin US Alts

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31 minutes ago, YukonXL04 said:

Hey man. How's the alt install coming along?

Pretty good, but didnt finish.  Need to order some hardware and some 2.5" wide flat bar for the lower bracket.  But made some serious progress!

So the lower bracket under the alt... I didnt really plan for that design yet.  We mainly focused on the primary bracket that connects to the block.


We started by pulling the alt and lining up the pulleys so we can get an accurate measurement for the main bracket.  The thickness is right around 27mm, so we're using 1" bar plus a washer for fine tuning the spacing.


Then we mark the bracket up with all the cut lines and drill spots, along with marks that indicate to NOT remove material.  By the way, this slide base is a major necessity for a drill press.


Proper tapping procedures resulted in relatively easy tapping despite the thickness.


I didnt take enough pics, but we carefully used a chop saw to remove a huge triangle, then proceeded to grind the trough smooth.  A 40 grit flapper disc removes material FAST.


The notch on the front face is to clear the belt.


And then we reassembled everything real quick and went out to a costume party!  Good times.  More to come soon on the rest of the alternator install.  The hardest part is behind us, for sure.  

Thanks for checking it out! 


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Need to determine the new belt length so that next time we remove the alt, the new one gets installed.

Measured the pulleys and did simple "pi*r" calc for half belt wrap.  Old pulley half arc minus new pulley half arc equals 0.35" belt length decrease


Then we measured the pulley height with respect to the mounting holes of each alt (58mm on the new alt, 42 on the old one), shown on the top half of the pic below.  Since there is a belt run on each side of the pulley, you multiply the difference (16mm) by 2.  Thats about 1.25" increase in length.  

On the bottom of the pic below, we also measured the height increase due to the new bracket.  The hole-to-hole vertical height is (16mm).  Again, multiply by 2 due to a belt on either side of the pulley.  Thats again, about 1.25"


Sum it all up, 1.25"+1.25"-0.35" = 2.15" increase in length.  We'll find some belts in that size range and scoop them up.  Makes guessing a bit closer.

Another view of the bracket, illustrating why the front face of the bracket is ground out.


And another one


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I like what's going on here!!!   I like that strange mopar sub too.....   Can't wait to see the box all finished, I like the stained wood too

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On 11/3/2017 at 9:18 AM, 2loud4uboyz said:

Same here you do good work. Love the box clean fab skills.


3 minutes ago, GTO nate said:

I like what's going on here!!!   I like that strange mopar sub too.....   Can't wait to see the box all finished, I like the stained wood too

Thanks for the interest guys.  This build is taking a break so that I can get my own build playing by Thanksgiving, but we plan to have the JK banging by New Years!

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Werk werk werk


Prepping that bus, buster


Fuse block


Super cheap to fab your own fuse blocks.  My Sonic got some fancy shit from 12V MetalWorks, but I dont think I'll ever pay for a fuse block again after having done this for my buddy's JK. 


Proper tools make this a breeze


More coming soon.


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