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How to power mids and highs?

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ya that might be enough but IM looking for a system thats more than MORE than enough..plus there is a factory spot for them and I want the truck to sound "full"

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On 11/5/2017 at 1:59 PM, jig said:

So you think I'd be better off running 6 or 8 100 watt 1" tweeters rather than 4 300 watt 4" ones?

I think you would be better off running one set of those ear bleeders (pro tweeters) 2 sets would be overkill i think. 

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On 11/5/2017 at 5:08 PM, jig said:

ya that might be enough but IM looking for a system thats more than MORE than enough..plus there is a factory spot for them and I want the truck to sound "full"

Tweets in the rear are not for full sound, they are there for the passengers and they mostly ruin the sound stage.

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    • By Krisztián Arnold
      Hey guys!

      So recently I got myself a pair of Rockford Fosgate P3 D4 subs, and started to play with them a little. 
      However I can't quite see the numbers I was hoping for. I got to thinking what can cause this little anomaly. I am thinking maybe it is my battery, because everything else semms to be okay.
      My setup consists of 2 RF P3D4 subs, a Hifonics Brurus BRX2016.1D, and an XS power D975. I choose theese things because it seems to fit together just fine to cover the 1000-1500 watt range, but apperently I was wrong somewhere. 
      All of this is currently out of a car, so maybe it is the problem. However, I have seen many videos where people get their equipment out form a car for a period of time, and they can reproduce almost the same power, and that is the reason I am worried a bit by now.
      It also can be a tuning problem, because I only owe a multimeter ( whitch is a True RMS meter by the way) and a clamp, but I doubt is is the real reason.
      Thank you for your answers in advance! I hope you can help me out! 🙂
    • By dylan33
      My system plays great when the cutting out doesn't happen. I have A Kenwood Excelon X501 Headunit (5v SW pre-out) 2 P3 D4 12s with a Rockford Fosgate Prime R-1200D ran at one ohm. However, this problem occured at both one and 4 ohm. My problem only happens once in a blue moon its very quick and it never happens on hard bass.
      It usually happens right after a long hard hitting note, then it will cut out on that weird frequency only then go right back to banging, No matter what song or source I use if the song plays that frequency it will cut out. IT happens with Choices (Yup) by E-40 that is one of the many songs with the weird note in it. Problem doesn't occur at lower volume only at 22-28 which is what I usually listen to it at since that gives out the most clean bass. 
      Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. I am an installer at a local shop and have been for a year now this has only been a problem wince I switched to the rockford system. I tied another rockford amp did the same thing with the parameters set the same. People at my shop are leading towards voltage regulator but the amp is the only thing having the issue. I checked all my wiring multiple times seems as good as it can get. I did make my own box and it was only the second one I made, and the first one all by myself. My last thought for what it could be Is I built my box poorly and its causing me to need to overpower the subs in order for them to sound like they should in a PROPER box. But if that is the case and I am causing it to clip why would it only cut out on that one frequency? When it cuts out it jumps down to 12 volts for a split second with hard bass. When it cuts out it jumps up to 15 volts for a split second then goes back to normal. I multi-metered at the amp both the power lead and remote lead both spike at 15 volts when cutting out. When it cuts out all that happens is the Blue Power Led turns RED. I have pictures of my build in my garage. 
    • By EyeMKermie
      Hello Everyone,
      It's been awhile since I've been on the forum, but I'm in the midst of my new audio build and I've run into some issues.  I'd really like help to problem solve these issues.  I'm running an active 2 way front stage and a 12" sub in the rear.
      First things first, here is a short run down of the parts related to my issues:
      H/U= Pioneer 80prs. network mode. internal amp off. running directly to my 4 channel amp and sub signal to my monoblock.
      4-chan amp: Jensen Power 400.4  rated at 75w rms @ 4 ohms per channel
      monoblock:  Hifonics brutus brx1600.1 
      First issue.   I was beginning to set the gains on my amps, but when setting them I can only seem to turn the gains about 5 to 10 degrees above minimal gain before distortion on both amps.  I'm using a DSO oscilloscope to see distortion in the signal. On the 4 channel amp, I measured 4.9v from the deck and nearly 17v out of the amp. Does that sound right? The math seems to check out.  17v on a 4 ohm load gives 4.25 amps equalling 72ish watts. Is it normal to only turn the gain knob a few degrees?
      Issue two.  Stick with me for this one.  Since the 80prs' high frequency outputs lowest setting is about 1.25kHz, I used the midrange rca's to set the gains for the tweeters and mids.  I used a 100hz and 1k Hz test tones at 0db , -2.5db, and -5db. During this test is when I noticed an issue. I had the drivers side speaker wires unplugged from the amp and all rca's unplugged except the driver side mid rca.  I had that plugged into channel 4 which is set up to be the driver mid. (note: channels 3/4 share a gain and 1/2 have a gain, so 3/4 are mids and 1/2 are tweets.)  When I played a 1k Hz tone into channel 4 (driver side mid) I heard an audible, but low volume tone out of the passenger mid. I played pink noise to test and I heard an even more noticeable static sound out of the passenger mid.  Now I might be wrong, but if the rca for that channel is unplugged, shouldn't that speaker be completely silent? 
      Just another thing,  I left all the gains where the scope showed clean signal, where I left it was set using a 100Hz -2.5db tone at max headunit volume, and playing music at max volume the sound is what I would call regular driving volume.  It is not loud.  You can definitely talk to the passenger with the volume at max.  There should be more volume.  In the previous build, I had the same amps and a pioneer avh double din and the gains were set by ear. That system got so much louder it's laughable. The last build the gains were set at around 75% with no audible distortion.  Now they are at around 10%. 
      So I'm curious, bad amp? bad scope?   Help, Please.
    • By Thomas1994
      So debating on 
      3 6.5s (be 1 Crescendo neo and 2 Deaf Bounce machete mm60)
      1 6.5 and 1 8 (be 1 Crescendo neo 6.5 and Deaf Bonce DB-W80)
      2 6.5s and 1 8 (be 2 Crescendo neo 6.5s and 1 Deaf Bounce DB-W80) ***if go with this would be eliminating rear door speakers***
      What would you go with?
      The ft1s will stay in current spot and will not be in the door pods. 
    • By xpoppadaddyx
      Here we go with another build.  This one won't be as slow as the Chevy TB and I'm excited for that.  This vehicle is my work car so I work on it profusely week after week.  I am hoping to get this one done by end month so until then here are my plans.  If what you see sounds familiar it probably is, but I won't tell...🤔  Thanks everyone prematurely for the comments and hope to have some good reviews from this build. 
      Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp
      Rockford Fosgate T-400/4
      Audio Control Matrix
      Crescendo Symphony 5.25" Components
      Rockford Fosgate T1D410's
      Xs Power
      Mechman OFC 1/0
      Singer Alt 
      Pioneer avic 4200NEX HU
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