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I'm looking at building my first 4th order for a sundown zv4 rev2 15"d2. I have experience building custom boxes but have never built a bandpass. I'm not sure on what ratio to go with. I like lows but would really like something musical. It's going in a extended cab f150 powered by a shark [email protected] Could someone tell me how many cubes for the sealed and ported side and how many sqin my port should be and what's the best to tune it at? Any info is greatly appreciated!

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well first of all i hear for it to be ideal the sub should have a qts rating of .5 and up. the zv4 rev2 15 d2 has a qts of .45. but im sure someone will say, you wont know how it sounds until you try it lol but so far as what i know people typically shoot for a 2:1 ratio. (1 sealed 2 ported) and ported section tuned no lower than 40hz, depending on the bandwidth youre aiming for. a software like bassbox pro will help a lot in seeing what the enclosure can produce. @Triticum Agricolam might be able to help you in this more that i can. i yet have the chance to build one myself lol


and im wondering if sundown doesnt give you a sealed spec because of the low qts... :huh: but you see them in 4th orders all the time lol 

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      I'm in search for a decent 12" sub preferably under $150 that can handle 500 watts or more. Thinking about getting a Soundqubed HDS2 or S3. Any other suggestions?
    • By Joe f
      I'm trying to figure out how many cubes and what to tune each side of a 6th order bandpass for a single sundown zv4 15 and how many sqin's the ports should be. It's a d2 rev2 and will be ran on a shark 3500.1 amp. Its going in the extended cab of my 2004 f150. I want it musical and loud lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I new to building bandpass boxes and I could really use the help. Thanks!!
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      Hello guys,
      Now before ranting me, I've done some research on these RE Audio subs and I'm well aware of the fact that there are threads on this website about these subs.
      The reason for making a new thread is, I do not wish to reopen old threads or bump old stuff. But if this is not allowed please feel free to delete and pm me.
      I have tried contacting RE Audio but they basically didn't reply to calls and e-mails so I'm left in the dead.
      What I've found? Basically nothing, there are a lot of different set ups of these subs. In my case, a double lead (per terminal) sub, unsure of how many spiders.
      Also, I believe it's a dual 2 ohm, SPL set-up woofer in front of me, I bought it from a guy who didn't know much about it and I'm planning to sell it in an enclosure.
      But, I'll need specs. Now, the guy doesn't give too much about the box being 101% accurate, but some specs that are close to the actual woofer specs would be nice. Does anyone have some info on how to tune this woofer or what box to make?
      He wants it tuned real low, around 27-28 hz and he'll be slapping quite some power on to this beast, so I was hoping you guys could help me out.
      Thanks guys!
      (Pics of this woofer in attachments, not sure if they're of any use)

    • By Thomas1994
      So my builder, Aho Audio out of Oklahoma, put this together in 12hrs for me today. Huge thanks to him for sticking it out after made the long drive to him.
      Singer 275a 
      D6500 under the hood
      2 d3400 in the back 
      Modified all stock spots to fit 4 Cresendo neo 6.5s and 2 ft1 tweeters. Ran out of time for the Alphard Audio tweeters so future add on down the road. 
      2 Crescendo 15s 
      Sundown ns1 v1 amp
      2 Sundown 50.4 for mids
      Box is tuned around 40hz maybe less, not sure since space was limited and had to get creative to put the box in. 
      Kenwood HU
      Sky High Car Audio power wire
      Rockford and Soundqubed RCAs

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