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AIO liquid coolers worth a damn

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On 5/18/2018 at 10:07 AM, beaker said:

I've been running this Corsair H100i for about 5 years now.  The biggest issue I see with them is people dont go into the bios and turn off the thermal fan speed throttling, then wonder why they're overheating.

I've had zero issues with it.

Was just gonna day this, is been running the first h100i when it came out tell now and it works great.  It’s on a 8700k at 5.3ghz and stays well below 60c in gaming.

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I have been doing tons of research recently as I have a big upgrade coming. The alphacool eisbaer 360 has been rock solid. I have the 8086k OC'ed to 5ghz on all cores and it idles at 33 cel and peaks at 73 cel for very short amounts of time in timespy benchmarks. It is claimed to be all copper. It was around 170$ when I purchased and seems to be closer to 200$ now. Mine just passed the 1 year mark with no issues. I would recommend them, it is not your run of the mill AiO unit. The parts use standard g 1/4 threads, it has a fill port on the cpu block /pump and can be expanded to include video cards or add hard pipe later. 

360mm on amazon



They do have a 240mm version also looks to be ~150$.

Under Construction

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'Preciate the info but I hit the abort button on this one

Want to wait for RTX to mature a generation or two, get some more support and let prices down. Then CPU wise, new ryzen soon. Plus DDR5 is on the horizion. Just doesn't make sense to build right now IMO

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On 5/2/2018 at 1:50 PM, SnowDrifter said:

Trying to plan out a new computer. Long story short, need to run a liquid cooler, couldn't find a TR4 compatible air cooler with the cooling capacity I wanted that wouldn't block the first PCIe lane. So I'm looking into an AIO as I don't have the desire or means to mess with a custom loop. However, the issue I'm running into is I keep finding them with mixed metals. Things like a copper cold plate and an aluminum radiator. I'm starting to go a bit cross eyed trying to find one that's either all copper or all aluminum. 

So what's out there? Are there any with homogeneous metals in the loop?

Ask meade916 

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And put a sealed enclosure in your trunk cut a hole in your deck and call it ported :lol2:

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