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custom desktop speakers

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Hey all, figured this would be the best sub to post this in, but I'm super excited with how these turned out and wanted to share.  Just finished building a custom desktop setup to replace my partially failed altec lansings. 

Parts list is as follows:

2 x 14" 4" x 4" steel square tube
4 x 4" x 4" 14ga flat plate for end caps (hooray for garage welding!)
2 x 3" and 2 2" hole saw holes
32 x 6-32 standard pc mounting screw holes drilled, tapped
4 x HiVi B2S 2" full range aluminum drivers https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-b2s-2-shielded-aluminum-driver--297-432
4 x HiVi B3N 3" full range aluminum drivers https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-b3n-3-aluminum-driver-round-frame--297-428
SecondSkin damp pro lining full interior of each
gloss white spray paint!


powered by an ORB Audio Booster https://www.orbaudio.com/products/booster-mini-amplifier?variant=36958510593

DC M3-8 filling in sub duties in a too small, wrong port, low power enclosure before I finally do it right.


Anyway, I wasn't sure I'd be happy with the outcome so I didn't take any build pics, I know I know what good am I?!  but here's a couple pics and a vid (the video doesn't really do them justice, in person they're loud, clear AF, and the midbass actually impacts your chest, it's amazing):







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hey so remember up at the top me complaining about the setup i had the DC M3-8 in?  Well... no more complaints!

Thanks to @Triticum Agricolam the DC is all set up and loving life.  Granted it's only on about 150w rms from the salvaged Cerwin-Vega plate amp i had, but hey, it's in a small room.  and man does she sound good now!

I just got it finished so please ignore the dust/fingerprints/missing paint, ill be taking care of that if/when i feel like it.


also just noticed the volume knob on the front goes to 11 ?

so now my desk audio system is completed.



for now...


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3 minutes ago, SnowDrifter said:

Those turned out nice!

How do they sound?

pretty god damn amazing actually.  with the sub turned to 0 theres enough midbass to barely thump your chest.  tonal quality is exactly where i wanted it.  everything is crystal clear, warm, and loud!  now it has a proper bottom end :)

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Wow, now that's a nice speaker set up for a computer.  I really need to do something like this........

2007 Chevy Tahoe (SOLD)

12 ~ FI Audio X series 10" w/BP option

2 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @0.67

3 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @1.0 

2 ~ PPI 3 way sets (not installed yet)

1 ~ RF T400-4, 1 ~ RF T600-2, 1 ~ RF T600-4

4 ~ CT Sounds 5.25" Strato comps  (rear fill only)

1 ~ XS Power D4800

1 ~ XS Power D3400

8 ~ XS Power XP3000

160 stock alt, Mechman 370 Elite, 185 DC Power

320+ Sq. Ft. Sound Deadener

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/knfjdkghjudfhsgkjdhf/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

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On 7/28/2018 at 10:36 PM, Karkov said:

Wow, now that's a nice speaker set up for a computer.  I really need to do something like this........

i highly suggest you do, it's so worthwhile.  i dont have a ton of experience with super high end desktop/bookshelf speakers but based on the myriad surround sound systems ive had i would easily put these up against a brand name setup that costs at least 2x as much.  all in with parts, drivers, and materials i'd say they cost less than $150.  plus ykno... satisfaction of doing it yourself and having it come out cool :)

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