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Top 100 most influential car audio products of all time - the SMD DD-1 is on it!

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As i scroll through the page in the following link, i am seeing tons of stuff that influenced me.  Tons of stuff i had or wish i had.  Most of the list seem's on point.  I don't know who wrote it, it's obviously their opinion. But it was well put together and almost cracking the top 20 was damn nice! 

Thanks to BestCarAudio.com this was a great read!

hit the link and tell me you haven't owned or wanted to own at least 10 items (at least if you are over 35 years old :D )



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#21 ftw:rockwoot:


Pioneer DEH-80PRS

Hertz HSK 165XL

Arc Audio KS 300.2

Linear Power 1002 Full Mods

Fi Audio Q 10s

Sundown Audio Scv 3000

Big 3

XS Power D5100 Juice Box 20AH

Singer Alternator

Sky High Wire

<p>My Ebay feedback. http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback

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I still want one of them PG cyclones to play with first hand.

Had the alpine pull out cassette player and a old alpine 2 channel amp to go with it.
There was a Clarion deck that I wanted that was similar to the AutoPC but just like a model below it, I remember it being a color display and having flashing stars, dont recall the model number.

The JBL MS-8 is a straight turd. Lose the remote control and you cant change nothing, limited options, no delay for remote turn on or off (one of those I forget) and it always popped, 3 different units where tried on an install, and even bench tested out of the vehicle same results. Man that thing was a gimmick imo and everyone talked so highly about it, i pulled my hair out dealing with the thing. I straight up have a bald spot now... It kind of scared me of using a processor in my own vehicle, but luckily its a night and day difference between that and a RF360.2!



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