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Top 100 most influential car audio products of all time - the SMD DD-1 is on it!

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Awesome article. 

My first system back in the late 80s had the Coustic 360 on my MTX terminators and a Coustic 260 on my Boston RX67 coaxials with the Coustic 3 way crossover: Those were the days. Lots of great products on the list. 

I couldn’t afford the MB Quart and the Phoenix Gold stuff yet.... had to get a better job before I could upgrade. Very nostalgic list....

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A well deserved spot on a list with many other great car audio products, kudos to both Tony & Steve for a tremendous product!

I know i'm proud to own one of these besides a CC-1 and my newly acquired IM/SG.

Edited by Markous

'07 Ford Ranger - DM-608 I E700.4 I SA-CX6.5 v2 I SAZ-1500D 15th (x2) I Zv6 12" D1 I SB500-34 I JP40 I

On 5/21/2015 at 7:07 PM, boom50cal said:

of course he gives no fucks. it's a ford ranger.

only bad mother fuckers drive ford rangers

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cool article, I knew i would see the mmats juggernaut/mmats d300hc and cerwin vega stroker on there as wella s the jbl crown

I had a mmats d300hc that was modded, and a mmats d200hc, they were absolute beasts back then for the size. Love mmats but so pricey..

Kenwood excelon ddx795

 3 370 amp CES alternators (audio side only)           
       McLaren dome tweeters                                   Crescendo 6.5 ultra neos 
                                                 NVX JAD800.4
                                            4 PA x4 SPL 18's
                     4 Digital Designs m5's at .7 ohms each
        2 K2 80 ah lithiums

                              3 group 31 agms                                       Ledglow million color (12 piece)

2007 Yukon xl


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