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Caddy gets an R-Plate Pro. "Worlds first digital LCD license plate". And it's LEGAL! Day and Night Pics & Video inside

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A few months ago, my good friend and the GM of Kuni Cadillac here in Sacramento asked me if i wanted to try out the new R-Plate digital license plate they were going to start offering.  I said, ehhh ok.  Yesterday he called and said "come get it".  I hadn't looked into it too much but when i rolled over there to look at it i knew i wanted it! It ain't something you need or have to have. I just wanted to try it.  My black plates i currently have, have yellow lettering over a black background.  I am not fond of the color yellow.  I really want black plates with white lettering. Guess what? The R-Plate can do it! and more!


for more info and to see what it can do visit:










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48 minutes ago, said:

does it rattle with all the bass?

Maybe from the exhaust/turbos. This isnt the Tahoe. 


I saw these plugged at a auto show. Really clever idea. I like the auto toll pay ability as well as the fashion/custom ability part. The monthly charge is whatever. But, I saw them using it to let people know the rig is STOLEN, to using the GPS in it to track it, and paying tolls like I mentioned, and several other neat neat features. This is, with out a doubt the future of plates/identification for your rig. All will have in time, I believe. 

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1 hour ago, said:

does it rattle with all the bass?

i don't know yet. System isn't installed at this time.  I guess we will find out.  I also guess i will have to do some reinforcing if it does.

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