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Oh boy, you've patiently waited and wondered about this one...let's see how the CAB 2000.1 performs. Sorry, this video is nearly 18 minutes in length, use the links in the YouTube video description to access the part of the video you are interested in, but you are of course encouraged to watch the entire video as there are details of the giveaway you might miss.

I test on CAB 2k at 4 ohms down to 1 ohm, then test amps bridged as one at 2 ohms. I also use the AMM-1 to find out how much true power the amp is making to a reactive load (my subwoofer) using both music and test tones. This video took many hours of shooting and editing to produce, hope you enjoy it!

Jump to video segments below:
0:27 Introduction to my channel
0:44 Unboxing the CAB 2000.1
1:10 CAB 1600.1
1:29 Price / specs of the CAB 2000.1
1:58 Remote Bass Knob
2:12 Amp inputs/outputs/connections/adjustments
3:27 4 ohm Amp Dyno Test - Certified
3:48 2 ohm Amp Dyno Test - Certified
4:11 1 ohm Amp Dyno Tests - Certified, Uncertified and Dynamic
5:23 SMD AMM-1 Tests with Subwoofer
6:52 Amplifier Internals
8:04 New 12V Talk Podcast
8:21 Linking the CAB 2000.1's (2 CAB 2000.1's as one)
8:40 How to Strap these Amps
10:18 2 ohm (strapped) Amp Dyno Tests - Certified, Uncertified & Dynamic
13:19 Results
14:03 My thoughts on the CAB 2000.1
14:29 How to Win this Amp!
14:48 Extras - Gotta watch

Note: Please don't post screenshots of the results. The only "payback" I get for making these videos is Adsense from the views.

Full disclosure: Amp(s) were purchased by me for the purpose of making this video review. Review was not approved/paid for/influenced by Car Audio Bargain.

Watch on YouTube in full 4K UHD

or embedded below:


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Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these videos. I watch religiously and enjoy the results.

Keep up the great work!

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Keep them amp dyno’s coming . I would love to see my American Bass VFL 120 run down to half ohm if u got a chance . Get in touch with me if u want to run it and run it hard. I don’t mind sending it to you. Let me know how this works.

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That's awesome! Thanks alot for your videos! We all really appreciate them!

I have a DD m2a I would love for you to test if your interested let me know! Havent seen a dyno on it before.

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