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I have ran one run of Knu OFC tinned wire which I’m kinda of scared to use since I’m used to using “CEA compliant” things( no where on the shield or website tells me anything about CEA, should I even be worried?), after watching EXO he says he likes to run his wire under the car just Incase the wire catches fire, will I be safe using this newer gen wire and the way I have it routed? The only fire wall access I could find was an oval and it was very difficult to get the wire to go in, that being said I’m afraid the grommet will wear and tear then expose metal after years of bumpy ass country roads, the rubber on the grommet has some small rips in it which is why I’m scared, thank you very much for any help!

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These fuckers are awesome they even adjust to grip the wire and hold it tight.


3 Sundown SA-10's D4 ohm

American Bass VFL 120.1 Running at .6 ohms

250amp alternator

Mids all Alpine type R 's 2 set's of 6.5 components and 1 set of 6x8's 

3 Rockford PBR's 300x2

6 Kinetic batteries

F150 Supercrew 2010

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You have nothing to worry about. And about country roads. I have to drive 20miles one way down them every day for work. I went 5 years in my old build with just a hole in the firewall. As long as its tight and the wire cant move i didnt have any rub or wear marks on it when i pulled it out for next vehicle. 

Only issue with knu wire is its oversized. So sometimes its a pain to get all the wire into things

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