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8 Channel Terminal X! Ideal for 4 DVC Subs!

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After seeing the single and two channel "Terminal X" speaker box terminal cups fly off the shelves i decided a 4 and 8 channel version was in order.  These are MUCH better than just a "bolt through a box".  With threaded aluminum OR copper landings these things will not move on the inside of the box once they are tightened down. What you are left with is solid studs on the outside of the box which you can take wires off and put them back on as many times as you wish without loosening the inside wires up. I have used these terminal cups on a couple of my boxes and they don't leak at all and they don't loosen up at all.  If you have a box with 4 DVC (dual voice coil) subs, the new 8 channel will be amazing for you! I don't have a lot to show yet as we just made the first one yesterday but i will post more later. You will be able to find them at , Amazon, Ebay, Skyhigh, D4S, Sonic Electronix and many other dealers!

Here is some of the work we put into them and the outcome


Of course if you don't know, the single and 2 channel versions are already out and available. Here is what a red single with copper hardware looks like:




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