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5 hours ago, baller95 said:

Is this a serious question?

For sure mate Tony C just like to get peeps to think. Use that pile of mush between your ears. Kinda his thing. Pretty cool I think. Why they fuck he thinks SNOWDRIFTER has any sort of knowledge is way beyond me tho...


Just playing Cris. Ya know I loves ya boo.  

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On 12/1/2018 at 2:01 PM, snafu said:

1 - Tell me the reason, and explain why

2 - Tell me the solution, and explain why

Let's see who knows their shit.  Go.

1 - Simple.  The headlights dim to the beat of the music due to the voltage drop created as a function of the amplifier(s) current demand.  The more current required, the more severe the voltage drop and the more one's vehicle resembles a rolling disco to passersby.

2 - The solution would be to eliminate the voltage drop.  In order to do that, a comprehensive and complete understanding of how your charging system really works is in order.  For those of us that have street systems, with which we play music, the answer is quite simple indeed.  [Quality] Capacitors.  Recall, caps do two things:  a) Store charge  b) Oppose changes in voltage.  Add enough capacitance (no more than 18" downstream of the offending amplifiers) and problem solved.  This works 100% of the time.

So, we don't add caps to the headlights, swap to LED or HID lighting (wherein the power supplies are regulated - you may want to re-read my earlier post in regard to understand why exactly these types of headlights don't dim to the beat of the music) - all of that stuff is merely moving the farm a few miles downstream of the leaking dam.  Fix the leak.

Obviously, this is a somewhat controversial topic.  How many of you can I get to prove me wrong or right?



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On 12/1/2018 at 2:16 PM, will77530 said:

Your amplifier is drawing amperage than your electrical system can provide 

solution can be a larger battery can be adding. A real capacitor basically giving you a bit more storage for when your alt can’t keep up or upgrade your alt so it can keep up with your current demand 

You were really close here.

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