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Foreign amps


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I’m more partial to “Made in the USA” myself. So much in fact I know the man who built my amplifiers in my home town ...

Good luck with your search !!!

Kenwood / HELIX / Linear Power (For The Love Of Music) / Brutal Sounds / OverKill Electric Co 

Questions About Sound Quality ?? Try Here ... Sound Quality, What does it REALLY mean ?? 

SMD SOTM Winner "White Lightning" 1997 GMT400 Chevy Silverado   

"The Green Dickle" 1994 GMT400 Chevy "Phantom Dually"   

Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche (we haven't named this one yet)

Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch                         

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I have ran both Korean and Brazilian. Had good results with both also. Korean is more durable in my uses, but the Brazilian was cheaper and smaller. I have run a ton of Korean amps most recent was 2 skar 4500s. Now I have 2 taramps hd8000s 

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