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Does Anyone Know the Max Excursion Height of the M3 8?

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I'm looking to build a box like WCA Rusty's in a 2019 Silverado Crew Cab (4 DC M3 8's ported). However, I want to build a cover in front of the subs to protect them from feet.

I'm thinking 1-2 layers of 18mm (3/4") MDF with a pressed metal grill in front of each woofer, but I need some information before I can move forward.

Does anyone know what the distance is from the mounting surface on the box to the maximum capable excursion of the cone? Or at least the height from the mounting surface to the top of the surround while not powered? (I can figure out the rest of the distance using the Xmax)

If the distance is too much I'll have to drop down to ordering 3 subs to reduce the depth of the box and I don't want to ruin the subs by having them hit a metal grill and cut up the surrounds, or worse.

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2 layers of 3/4 should do it. So a 3 layer baffle. 1 layer the sub mounts to, and 2 more layers outside of that. 1 3/4 layer usually equals the rubber trim ring, and the surround sticks out past that. But you might need another 1/4 max if any.

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The trim ring is almost 3/4"?

Damn. Now I'm REALLY curious about the max height of the excursion after seeing the Frozen demo song played on the M3 8's on WCA Rusty's Youtube channel...


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