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SMD 4 and 8 channel copper "Terminal X" - QUICK switch to series - UPDATE: new Laser Cut gaskets!

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I haven't posted a lot about the new terminal cups we have been making at the shop. But the new "Terminal X" is awesome!  These are NOT just the equivalent to your basic "run a bolt through a box". These actually have threaded landings. This means after you tighten up the bolt with a wire on it from the inside, the outside stays tight and becomes a stud which you can easily put a wire on and remove it without the inside coming loose.  I will make a fresh post showing the single and 2 channel but for now, here is an example of how to take the 4 and 8 channel and quickly run your subs in series (from parallel).  I still make the originals and they have all been re-done across the board.  All models are labeled front and rear as well as a flange that WAS .25 and is now .375.  Available in Copper or Aluminum.  The copper 8 channel is SO HEAVY it feels like a lead brick :D



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