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Fish Chris

Need help finding a 5 ch amp...

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Hey Ky, you and I both ! That has been such an awesome amp ! And it works with my system so well. I use ALL of the bells and whistles. Been beating on it for over 10 years, and finally it starting to blink on me... I also always loved the digital output meters, which I could easily glance over my shoulder to see while driving, so I didn't clip it too hard, without knowing about it. Maybe another reason it has lasted so long.


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I've been looking at the DD Audio D5.1500. The sub channel claims 1500 watts at 1ohm. The size isn't too bad either. I've been trying to find some reviews and or bench tests on it, but I can't find much. Here's the specs from their site:



Test Voltage 14.4
Channels 5
Cont Wattage @ 4ohm (Ch 1-4) 125x4 / (CH 5) 680x1
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm (CH 1-4) 180x4 / (CH 5) 1000x1
Cont Wattage @ 1ohm (CH 5) 1500x1
Max Current Draw - Amperage 220
S/N Ratio >80dB
THD <0.2%
Input Voltage Sensitivity 6V ~ 0.2V
Pass-Through Output No
Remote Subwoofer Control Yes
Speaker Wire Gauge Out 12
Dimensions: in 17.7 x 6.8 x 2.1
Dimensions: mm 450 x 175 x 55
Price (USD) 699

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That amp has good output numbers.


Big 5 0 AWG-RF Wiring

Optima Blue top-under hood

Kenetic HC 600 under hood

2 Kenetic HC1800 in trunk

Stinger VM


RF P3 8" mid-bass in custom kick Panels

RF T265 comps x2 in custom door panels

RF T165 comps in Rear Doors

2 SQ HDS310snin a JOE X designed box

RF T400-4 ( x 2 )

RF T400-2

RF Power T1500bdcp.

All RF & SHCA OFC  0,4,8,12 wiring.

Fuse's from SMD & RF.

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