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My civics mechman 240a alt has been running good. Only issues were cosmetic and a belt that slips a little but that happened with stock alternator. Only happens when I turn the ac on or off at a stop

low output is 12.8 and high output is 14.2/14.3 dips to about 13.8 going heavy 

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On 2/7/2019 at 12:35 PM, DiBo said:

Mechman 370 elite ordered today at D4S. I'm done playing games. They had it in stock too!! Thank you Anthony from Mechman for all the top quality help and customer service. Absolutely second to none in my opinion.

About time bro, mine should be ready soon, can’t wait to unbox it.

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Sundown NSV4 18"  +  Sundown SALT-4 Baby

MechMan Elite 370a  +  XS3100 - XP3000

SHCA 1/0 OFC(blue+  SMD Fuse Holders(blue)

Pioneer AVH-2440NEX  SHCA Pro RCA 


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