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PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

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I cant bring myself to buy an amp that makes that kind of power and has 4gauge inputs. Still looking for an amp, would love to find a dual 1/0 input setup but may resort to dual to single adapters. Im so indecisive because i dont want to waste money on something that wont perform. I took a chance on my rockville db16 but dont really care for the look of them. Im leaning towrds a name brand like AB just because it "should" last and not shit out on me. That wolfram looks like a powerhouse but is it gonna last for a year? 2 or 3 years? Who knows right?! May have to buy one amp at a time for each pair of vfls and spend more on a 1600ish rms @1 ohm amp. Still open to suggestions,  has to atleast have a single 1/0 input and 8 gauge output tho and still be under $250 ( give or take 10 bucks)

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So finally decided on an amp. For 250 and 85 i got the ppi ice7000.d and the ice1000.4, both with 3 year warranties. The 1/2 ohm stability on the ppi was the selling point. Budget gem or bust dyno on YouTube showed it just about doing its rated power also. And they look awesome at the same time. All others in my price range either didnt have 1/0 inputs, cant run 1/2 ohm or i couldnt find a matching mids and highs amp. I want to give my vfl8s ( have 2 now and going to get 2 more)about 800 each amd i either get a 2 ohm or 1/2 ohm final load and 3200 @ 2ohms aint cheap!  Also bought a set of infinity reference components, reference 4" and 4x6 adapter plates for rear speakers. And lucked out and found an underseat dual 10 box for $65 that im going to modify and face mount my 2 vfls and port with 3" single per side.  My future plans are kick pods and another set of 6 1/2 refernce components and 2 more vfls, a good headunit or tablet setup. I have a cheap 9" single din tablet stereo im going to use a LOC to my eq/line driver which handles fade,sub,  and volume. Got my trusty oscilloscope so itll all be setup distortion free too. Not my perfered setup but its the only headunit i have right now tho.  Thanks everyone for advice and thoughts countless hours researching and reading to decide but it definantly made me recognize some brands i would have otherwise juat overlooked! Will start a build post when i start, have plans for a hand built custom 4 fuse anl block too. Will take pics and videos of everything, maybe put in on the next SOTM drawing.

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