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Anyone know of Nexgen lithium batteries?

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17 hours ago, Wishuponasub said:

I've been trying to get to this all day but I've been playing league play on Call of Duty lol. Sorry. For our use yes, C rating determines whether we can use it or not so it is essentially more important than the AH. But you still have to have ah to support your load. But since lithium can recover at a much greater rate then you don't have to have as much ah as you would with agm------- I believe.

Have you heard of Juice Box batteries? I spoke with the owner a few days ago.  he said they have a 15ah batt with 30C recharge/discharge rate.  He seemed confident it can support my 3500W Skar w/o a high output alt and W/O my main battery, but I couldnt find one on his website.  Company name is MiSolar.  There were juice box cells and batteries, but only 1 MiSolar batt...but the stats said 3c or 5c...  not sure if I was missing something in his product line.  There was only 1 Juice Box batt.

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