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Well ive been ordering a bunch of crap just for wire managment.  And Tony of course has everything plus.  I even emailed him Saturday afternoon wanting to add to an order he already packed up and was about to ship. He did it.  


My business stays with Tony


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Yes along woth adel clips i think theyre called. Ill be adding to this thread this weekend as i have anothet 2 orders from tony coming in


My biggest thing is people lay wiring all over the place and i hate that.  I like wiring to look oem.  So i bought probably 300 bucks worth of wire managment from tony in the last month just to make it look nice

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It’s always good to find a good company U can trust and rely on.  Just ordered rims from a company and called them to let them know my day off next week and they just shipped my rims earlier then the email said to get there on my day off . Can’t buy that good business ethic. Just makes more customers.

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3 DD SL 10’s D4 ohm Sealed box 2.6ohms   Amp Sundown SFB 3000K

Mids all Alpine type R 's 1 set of 6.5 components and 1 set of 6.5 coaxial 

2 Rockford PBR's 300x2

1 Kinetic battery  under rear seat , Big 3

Ford F150 2018 Crewcab                                                                                                                               

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