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Quick question I got 2 10 inch kicker l7t and just purchased a sound stream ar1 4500 what amp and have a bx10 soundstream bass ehaancer  any one can help me where should I set amp to and what hz the soundstream bass epicenter should be it has a switch from 35 50 80hz. Where should wide and sweep be tuned to also any help would appreciate it please

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@[email protected]You don’t need that bass enhancer. I wouldn’t use one. It’s like using bass boost but not really. It raises the signal and just creates distortion that people think is hard hitting bass. Don’t use a bass enhancer if you want a clean signal with no distortion. Just tune your amp correctly and bass on. If you want more bass, get a better amp. Because raising the signal with a bass enhancer will clip your subwoofers and sooner or later your subwoofers will give out. Clipping/distortion is the main thing that blows subwoofers and then people think that they were feeding it too much rms when really they were sending it a dirty signal. 

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