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Anybody has DD1 for sale or rent

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SMD Tool Map has members that have tools to help in setting gains etc.




Pioneer P99RS
Ampere 3800
2-Ampere 125/4
4-6.5 inch Hertz HSK XL Mids
4-8 inch JL Audio ZR Midwoofer

2-5.25 Satori Mids
2-Morel Tweeters, 2 Hertz Milles 3 inch on A pillars
2-Hertz Silk tweeters
DC Audio Level 5/12
Skyhigh Wire
Mechman 320
XS Power D3100

MO Funniest Thread of the Year 2013: http://www.stevemead...dy-being-a-pos/

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^^^ That method by BareVids is awesome. I use a tone generator on my phone and it is louder than any recording I have. You can get a 3.3mfd cap on amazon for under 5 bucks, and if you have a spare small speaker lying around, I suggest trying it... if even just for shits and giggles. 

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9 hours ago, CstrokerV said:

That method does not work Tony already explained why... probably in that guys comments

Can you elaborate? Why wouldn't it work?

Another option is to make your own clipping indicator, for which there's plenty of tutorials on the web. You just need some basic electronics knowledge. Then set your gain backed off of clipping on the loudest volume you'll play your system at. From there, watch the indicator and make judgements if you need to tune the gain further.

To be clear though, I'm not knocking the DD1. If you have the money, go for it because it will simplify the process and is cheaper than a scope. Steve's videos point out that although a scope shows you everything about the signal, you need to know what distortion actually looks like. The DD1 has a simple light that blinks and tells you to back off. Now, is it too sensitive and can a quality system handle some soft clipping and minor distortion in exchange for more output? That's a judgement call.

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