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Amp ground questions

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So I’m installing sundown sae-2000D in the rear interior panel where the jack is stored on my 2011 Tahoe. 
which would be a better ground? Through the floor to the frame which would take about a 4 foot run, or ground to the bolt that secures the jack in that compartment which is about a 2.5 foot run? 
I kind of thought the frame would be a much more solid ground and better than the jack bolt which is pretty much just the sheet metal, but with the length of wire it will take to get to the frame makes me question it. 

what do you guys recommend in this situation? 


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7 minutes ago, Mike4068 said:

Can't go wrong with the frame but if you want to use that bolt I'd test that point first. You want to read less than .5 ohms. 

Thanks! So you would prefer the 4 foot frame ground? It’s not hard at all for me to do it that way; if frame is the better Option I won’t even bother fooling with the bolt. I just know people say not to exceed 3ft ground wires so I wasn’t sure. 

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whichever has the least resistance on a DMM

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