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at high volume when the bass hits. signals is being cut off

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hello everyone and thank you for your time...

i recently installed a new system in my car

SETUP : DC AUDIO LEVEL 3(connected on 1 ohm) , Skar skv2 1500D Monoblock , MOREL VIRTUS 602 as for components, Audison SR4 as for 4 channel amp, under the hood is a deep cycle AGM battery, and a 1.5farad capacitor in the trunk 

 jvc kw-v21bt headunit

WIRING : 0AWG from the hood battery to the monoblock and the ground is 0AWG from the amp to the chassis (about 20cm) , 4AWG (+ AND GROUND)  from the hood battery to the 4 channel amp, and ofc high end cables and RCA from the headunit to the amps...

big 3 : NO

Problem : when i play at low volume everything works perfectly, as soon as i raise the volume up to half (mono gain is 1\10) the music dies. the amps doesn't go into protection and the voltage doesn't drop! , when i close the gain i can go to full volume with no problems,

Notice : i currently using a stock grounding from the battery + a 16AWG to the chassis ( i think its weak),

sometimes when the bass kicks really hard without the music dies, i hear a bit of distortion coming out from the tweeters 



What could be the issue?

Thank you all for your time <3

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This happened to me once when I grounded the deck to itself lol. Didn’t really pay attention that the screw I used was attached to a metal bracket the deck was secured to ... not saying this is your problem but still sounds like a grounding issue

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Redo the 4g.


Really no benefit is had going straight back to battery.

You'll have less resistance in ground going right to chassis like the monoblock.

Also that's a lot of current for no big 3.

Your 0 guage isn't doing 0 guage work, because vour charging system is bottle necked with 6g wire and probably even smaller 8g grounds

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shitty old JVC radio

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Thank you all for the support.

i had my system check

and the guy told me that my monoblock amp is the issue

at high volume it sends bad signals back to the head unit through the RCA which cause the head unit to go in a protection mode. 
(Im not sure that what he is saying is true i dont find it makes sense)

So i am thinking before buying new amp

im gonna change the RCA and see how it goes.

anyone dealt with this issue before?

(about amp sending back signals back to the rca?)

if it is common let me know

thank you all for your time

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