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, U OR X series for 8-900rms amp

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Been out of the audio seen for at least 5-6 years, and there’s been a few changes, I was yep I’ll grab another sa series but then seen the new U series and x arnt much more now we have a local dealer


Amp is kx800.1 so does between 8-900rms 


just trying to work out what’s going to be better/control on that rms? 


Biggest box I can fit 4cuft net 32hz 68sqin port, so controlling the sub is imperative to be musical

u15, u18 and x15 ported 

(u18 is out of stock for 3-4months as I’m in Australia) everything else in stock

also can’t go bigger on amp or this would be easy 




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I’m starting here this a bit now, my local dealer thinks it will be fine, but after speaking to sundown direct they suggest the sa line and possible even waiting for the sa18 if I have the space 


not because I don’t have the power, I just won’t get any excision differences between the sa and u on that power 

where as I will have the power to use the sa18, 


now i wondering do I wait 4-5 months for the sa18 or push my electric system and try run a clean 1200rms amp, I have no hope powering anything over that 

as at current I have a kx400.2, 400.4 kx800.1

front stage is 600rms 2 sets 6.5” kicker cs comps on kx400.2 and kicker 1x crt8” on kx400.4  

Rear door kicker cs 6.5 coaxel (on 50rms ea on kx400.4)

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55 minutes ago, CstrokerV said:

Wouldn’t waste buying a U with only 1200 watts 

Sa15= $590 to my door

  u15= $649 to my door

thats less then $60 difference, 

my prices arnt like yours In USA 250vs350

100 extra on 250 is a lot 60 ontop 590


even the sa v’s the x series is only $120 

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