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DD1 gain overlap

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So been using the dd1 love it. I have one system two sundown sa15’s on a sundown sae 3k @1ohm. 240 alt, xs d3400 up front d5100 in rear . Subwoofers in a sealed box due to space .2.5 cubes per. Currently amp is set with the dd1 at -7.5db and begging for more . Any truth to a sealed box set up actually needing more power ? Heck at -10db Would I not be throwing 3k plus on them ? Double rated..  I only play retail music and music from iTunes.

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You will only get whatever power the amp makes, more overlap doesn't always mean more power.


Keep on mind the music you listen to is recorded at a certain level. So if its -7 db and your gain is -10 db you will be clipping 3db at full volume.



With that said I run -10 db on my subs and use a remote gain knob to adjust as needed

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