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Recently, I reviewed the micro-sized Sundown Audio SAM-500D amplifier and it appears a lot of folks are looking for small amps. While browsing Amazon, I came across this Skar Audio SK-M5001D for $119, which is almost 1/2 the price of the Sundown amp. I just had to get one of these in to try out. Let's find out how it performs and welcome Sam from Barevids as he joins us as our technical amp guru for the "amp guts" portion of the video.




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See my videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/bigdwiz. Many tests and demos of OLD SCHOOL car audio gear!

See cool pics on Instagram @oldschoolstereo

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Efficiency tho 😶 also, that temp gun. Dont u wanna be closer? Cause the air between fun and object effects it. Just made me think of it being higher, cause u said was 42ish in lab. When I use one for my snake cage, learned I needed to be closer. Great. Video tho. Did u do a skv2 4500? Loveeeeee to see that from u guys

1-15" TRF *waiting on recone*

1-15" ZVXv2

1-D1200 in back

6cu ft Custom Box

146.3 dash to start

Big 3 Upgrade

1-SKv2 4500.1D

320a Brand X Purple Metallic Ho Alt*waiting*


img_20200224_205926580.jpg     56dfs.jpg

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