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I drive one of the most popular, common vehicles on the freaking road... a freaking Ford F150 ! You have heard of those, right ? And then I just saw this > https://4xspower.com/bci_group/59/


Seriously ? Id figure that when XS Power first started as a company, making a battery for my truck would be one of the first 4 or 5 batteries they produced. And the real sticker, is when they say, "The option below is powerful enough".... Powerful enough for who ? For what ? That reminds me of when a speaker company says, this sub "can work in as little as X cubic feet"..... I don't give a shit "what it can work in", What does it work best in !

Powerful enough ? No ! Tell me, "This battery was designed to be the most powerful battery that will fit perfectly in your truck" !


Honestly, I was on the fence between an XS and a much cheaper Duracel AGM, but I think now I've decided. They make one to fit my truck perfectly.

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Jesus Christ 


they have made the the most common sizes and told you what would work you grown no one needs to hold your hand measure your space available and jam in the biggest batt you can and move on

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Ok well my truck along with a bunch of other vehicles have a 94r.  They dont make one. But they have the d4800 for an alternate.  Which you have an alternate as well. Xs doesn't have to do anything they dont want to  they have other batteries that fit.  Use one of those 

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My Malibu stock battery was a b64 I think,  I measured and stuck this d3400 big bitch in.  You don't like what Xs has,  buy something else! 

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Thanks guys. But yea, if I were going to spend that kind of money on a battery, it had better be an exact fit, made specifically for my truck, which in this case would be a group 65. 

Still can't believe such a big name battery company doesn't make a battery "specifically" for the most popular vehicles on the road. That's just a big fat fail.

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