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I just recently purchased a DD-1+ and am in love on how easy it is to set gains. I have quite a complicated SQ system including 3 Focal amplifiers. My sub amp is a FPX 1.1000 which is pounding on 2x Audio Mobile Evo 10's with an MCAR on one side. My Rear component and front woofer amp is a FPX 4.800. The rear components are ES165K and my front 3 way component set is a ES165KX3. Both these amps I was able to adjust the gains perfectly. When it comes to my front mid and tweeter amp I am having issues. I am running a FPX 4.400SQ for my front mids and tweeters. When I run the 1khz track and plug the DD-1+ into the speaker output it doesn't even register the 1khz signal... The amp does not also measure voltage properly. If you do the math for the front components I cannot turn the gain up high enough to get the AC voltage out. The amp and speakers play very well but I want to match the gains just like on the other 2 amplifiers. 


I also have an audiocontrol DM810 signal processor for my crossover and eq. The only passive crossovers I have installed are on my rear 2-way component set because I just have 1 channel (L and R) dedicated to the rear set.


Any idea's why the SQ amp is not working like the standard amps?




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Just adding some install pictures. I have also done an alternator upgrade to a 370 AMP JS Alternator. I have done the Big 3 upgrade to 1/0 cable. I have all my grounds (Battery, Alternator, Extra motor ground, Amp rack ground and second battery ground) brought down to my truck main frame which is ground drilled and tapped and painted over. 


Still using the factory head unit and chose to go with the PAC AmpPro AP4-CH41 to give solid inputs to the audio control processor. I have also set the pre-outs on my DM810 to 10 Volts. 


I have eliminated all static noise from the system but thought that I wasn't getting the full potential of the system so that's when I got the DD-1+ and started the gain staging over.










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