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Single ended rca cables or differential rca cables.  My head unit has continuity from center to outer rca output, my amp has no continuity from center to outer rca input.  What cable do I need to use, single pin rca or twisted pair rca?

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Interesting question. I don't even know what that means to be honest. It seems to me like you're way overthinking your problem though. I would say twisted pair RCA, but aren't all RCAs designed to have positive and negative continuity from inside to outside on the connections? Maybe I need to read more.

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I went through this, same questions, 

"What do I have" "what do I need" "what if this is the wrong kind" "who makes what I need"


What head unit and what amp?


I believe most decks are single ended, and most amps are differential.


Lucky my Rockford amps are technically neither, they will accept both and have a special "dump circuit" (simple crude explanation) that will deal with either, and it's design is "quieter" than either or, single ended and differential.


Back to it


Differential actually relies on purposely picking up an amount of noise to reject it using it's system properly


Tony will break it down very easy to understand here


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I used knukoncepts Krystal kable 

Very bad ass rca, (you'll get haters, and sky high is better guys, but sky highs wire sucks head to head with knu, got pics to prove it)


Anyway knukoncepts Krysta

Here's specs

lCore Material: Oxygen Free Copper - 22 Gauge
Cable Geometry: Twisted Pair
Length: 6 Meters (19.5 feet)
Dielectric: PVC
Shielding: Copper Foil / Sub Layer PVC / Mylar Foil / Tinned Copper Braid
Outer Diameter: 9mm
Outer Jacket: Translucent Black (Smoke)
Termination: Gold Plated Male RCA with Satin Nickel Accents and Raised Metal Grips


 4 different types of shield / noise rejection characteristics all in one RCA cable! Features Include:

  • Twisted Pair, Copper Foil wrapped Audio Signal
  • Sub-Layer PVC Jacket
  • Mylar Foil Shield
  • Tinned Copper Braid Covering 98% of the surface area
  • Gold Plated Male RCA Connections

Hers how it's built

Twisted pair wrapped in copper foil shield, then covered in soft PVC, that is then wrapped in a mylar foil shield, then tinned copper wire is braided around and covered in final PVC jacket

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