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And not just one of them, but a whole freaking fleet ! And who puts unprotected speakers on the front of a vehicle that's going to travel down the freeway at 70 mph ? I guess they don't have the bugs we do here in the Sacramento Valley ! Anyway, I could here and bash the shit out of these things, talking about how they seem to be a ridiculous waste of a TON of money..... But what do I know ? Maybe somehow they are recouping that money and then some ? 


So what are these things used for anyway ???


Oh, and I guess in other countries, a cop car with the lights and siren on, mean absolutely nothing..... Just keep driving, and pretend like you didn't even notice him :) lol Kept waiting for someone to blast into one of those buses. How would you like that on your insurance ? "Well, I kind of bumped into a vehicle... caused $3 million in damages" ! :) lol



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