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As a  Sergeant Firefighter and EMT for my local county, i have to be in the middle of this absolutely MEDIA DRIVEN BULLSHIT every 3rd day.  Yes, I have been in contact with many people with positive t

It's a flu, some will get sick some won't some will live some will die.cant save everyone.im not going be afraid cause others are..

I just want to know when toilet paper turned into gold, This is stupid 

As a  Sergeant Firefighter and EMT for my local county, i have to be in the middle of this absolutely MEDIA DRIVEN BULLSHIT every 3rd day.  Yes, I have been in contact with many people with positive test results for this.  Our new protocols for these types of calls is wearing full gown, mask, eye protection..... and ive yet have any signs or symptoms. 


Here is my take on this: Yes...... there is a virus going around, yes it has a potential to diminish life in elderly people, and people in general POOR HEALTH... SO DOES THE FUCKING FLU, This is so MEDIA DRIVEN, as the media (news channels, local feeds, word of mouth from others) have blown this into such a FUCKING MESS, that it has cost people their jobs, economy failing, and overall DAILY LIFE to come to a complete halt.  Im so fucking over this.... the news, and media need to stop scaring people, and brain washing everyone and lets reboot and start over again.  I need my local business' back open, my gym, and walmart to be 24hours again!  so again, I say this in all my own opinion of course, yes ive been in complete contact with patients that have tested positive, and yes.... this is hugely media driven.   I can say this with absolute certainly, THIS WILL CHANGE HOW DAILY ACTIVITIES ARE PERFORMED FOREVER.... from food shopping, to going to the post office, people will be changed by this for a very very long time   

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I love my staffie :good:

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After this I bet 50% of the people online shopping stay with it , it’s just so easy I started over a year ago and haven’t been in a store since . That will hurt businesses. 

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I hate to say it, but I bought into the hype after a while. Didn't believe it was so bad at first, but now everywhere you look it's Corona this and Corona that. Like everything else in the world just ceased to exist. Unfortunately, my fiance's a cleanfreak, so she wont even let me go outside to work on the truck without bitching. And if I leave to go to the store, I have to basically wrap myself up or she wont let me back inside. At least I can work from home until May 5th when my layoff begins, but damn, I never thought I'd miss going outside, or going out to eat, or putting on clothes!

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the company i work for atm is trying to claim certain things as an essential business, and it annoys me since our main customer had shutdown. We have maybe 10% going out of what we usually do. Not to mention, we have things coming from multiple automotive companies, Mexico , Italy, Germany, Britain, local to state, and in the US. It was slow for 1 week, I cleaned my ass off, and now all the product that was bought before and during (work from home buyers) the shut down of our customers is stacking up quick. We have to keep truck drivers in their trucks you would think an easy task with a door that locks as long as its closed...nope. Not to mention the first thing they do is step 2 and half feet from you and start talking.

  Has the media blown this up. Yes! Influenza A (starts Oct. and be late as May) has an estimated 24,000-63,000 deaths and corona (I am guessing August was the start date and will be probably close to May) has an estimated 12,600 deaths. I have read Corona will denature around 65+ degree Fahrenheit with a healthy amount of relative humidity. Of course once infected you will need to give your body a boost since it lowers white blood cell count. I was curious on something i read if sodium bicarbonate spray would help clear it out since it increases mucus production and the acidity level in the lungs if it would help get rid of it. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00177645 but i am no scientist or doctor so who knows.

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20 hours ago, kalilac619 said:

Da fuq??? I had just seen you the week before! You good now? 

Yeah it was at tune time. I had 0 symptoms before the 23rd, so I'm pretty sure I got it a few days before then. Pretty sure I got it from my roommate who works in a hospital. All good now though thankfully

20 hours ago, Ipoksmote said:

Very interesting.

I'm from the lower mn region and it's pretty laxy daisy here. Deffinetly a ghost town out in public and stuff and we did have a shortage of toilet paper for a while, but not really just cause people are dumb and panic bought it. Shelves where restocked pretty fast.


I still go to the gas station for cigs but I'm mindful and spray my hands with alcohol when I get out. Still, touching phone or clothing while inside could potentially contaminate that piece and I could carry it home, so there are gaps...


But yeah nobody is wearing masks or gloves or anything despite the fact that I think we should.


For the most part the only thing we are doing is doing some serious stay at home time. I live on a farm so life really hasnt been personally altered to much for me at this point



Edit-  not going to lie Iie I am ordering stuff from cali and Florida and am hesitant on if I should quarantine the items.



Honestly this whole thing feels like a self conscious thing, we all know we should be taking these extra measures but don't wana be the one that's weird and going all out





Edit edit edit - to all of you, weather you think this is a big deal or not, please wash your hands and be mindful of the recommendations officials are putting in place.

Staying home and away from as many people is the best way to keep yourself from getting sick for sure. I had a pretty mild case by most reports, and even then it's not fun at all. 6 day fever will kick pretty much anyone's ass lmao. As long as you keep staying mindful and proactive and others around you do as well youll be a-ok

11 hours ago, will77530 said:

So like you dieing or what

Not by a long shot. If I wasn't as healthy as I am though, that's a different story. I could definitely see myself getting bad if I had other health issues. constant 6 days of 101+ fever is pretty harsh on the body by itself. Throw in HBP, diabetes or any other kind of shit and youre looking at a bad time no doubt. Worst I dealt with outside of the fever was a slightly labored breathing pattern for a day or two. Also losing sense of taste fucking sucks!

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Update for myself 

job sent out letters for us to print and keep in our cars showing our ummmm expendableness no I mean essentialness so I got that going for me

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I think it’s all fake, you can look at all the news reports and video from them showing and saying hospitals are packed and people are dying left and right,  YET people go to so called hospitals and show video of them empty or only a couple people, there’s like 15 or so instances of this with video proof the media are paying people to stand In fake lines to make fake news reports.


CBS even got caught using hospital footage from Italy saying it was newyork.  Fake news is in over drive.   So why are all these hospitals giving fake numbers?  So they can get millions in money from the government.  

Does anyone know any one that actually has or had the virus?  I sure don’t. 

And who know if these so called tests are real and if you just have the flu they probably just tell you you have corona just to push the numbers up.  Also a lot of victim mentality people who love playing that card claiming there sick just to get attention.

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