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current set-up .....


2x RF T1 12-D4 on 2x RF 1500.1

meters at 144.4


rebuilding and contemplating ..... 


1x DC lvl6 18-D2 on 1x DC 5K


what gain(s) you think that setup would be ..... want to break 150 .....


thanks in advance ..... 

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correct numbers



APPLE - iPad2


RF - T1500.1 (x2)

RF - T600.4 (x2)

RF - T1D412 (x2) 12"

MOREL - 804 8"

MOREL - MW6 (x4) 6.5"

MOREL - CDM880 (x4) 3.5"

MOREL - MT250 (x4) 1.25"

XS POWER - D4800

XS POWER - D3100


SMD - VM-1


SMD - OM-1 (x2)

still to come .....

SMD - VM-1 ..... a second one .....



144.4 @ 40Hz ..... (8/23/14)

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Those are two completely different setups, no way can one compare the two in a "versus " format 


Your talking a 5000 RMS 100lb sub on 5k versus 2 800 RMS 12" subs on 3k.


Yes the DC you should easily get 150. But really you should be able to squeeze 150 out of the rf setup as well.


The t1500 amps ain't no joke, at 1 ohm they are  easily doing certified at around 2100 watts and can do around 3300 Watts each dynamic at 1 ohm


I'd personally run the DC lvl 6 18 on both of those t1500s gain matched.


I'd pick the d 0.7 ohm option for the DC and give each amp a coil.


I got 2 t1500s getting .7 ohm each from 4 meso 8s. They love .7 ohm

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