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HELP: Wasted Money on DD1 & CC1 combo ?

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Hi Guys so we all know what these two are used for did I waste my money  ?


Plan on using Taramp HD3000.1 for my subs

Taramp DS800X4 for my doors 


The DS800X4 only has a switch  High, Low pass or Full Range. No crossover settings to fine tune. - CC1 not needed correct ?

The HD3000.1  also only has Highpass 10hz to 80hz  and a Low Pass of 80Hz to Full  Confusing ??

Besides setting gains is the CC1 useful to me in any way ?

My Build log :


Current System

2020 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew

Audio Control Epicenter

Audio Control LC7i

Taramp PRO 2.6 DSP

Taramp DS4x800 - Highs

Taramp HD3000.1  Mids

Taramp MD5000.1 Bass

8 x DS18 6.5 Pro x6m - mids 

2 x Soundsteam SST-05 Bullet Tweeter

2 x DS18 TW220 Super Tweeters

4 X SkarAudio EVL-8  BASS

Big 3 

Yellow Top

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for the 3000.1 yes you can use it  no on the other one if its just switches ... why you would buy a class d for mids and highs is beyond me and not research the amp before buying it to see if it has variable xover points


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