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RE Audio 35.1d

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yea it doesnt look like a 1500w from the internals, i think there were other amps that used the same board at the time. shame im not in the US otherwise i could have sent the amp to bigD to get it dynoed. im sure many people would be interested in the results.

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Older post, but this is re audio. This was made under contract by re, and was built by destejil engineering (forgive me for poor spelling). It was the same amp as the better audio 1600 iirc.

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what would its true rated power be? the specs sheet says 1500w rms at 1ohm but i dunno if it was overrated and is more likely to be 1200ish?


also what sort of efficiency do these amps have?


one thing to note was when i bought the amp it has 3 x 30amp fuses on it. this was apparently some sort of mixup at the factory according to support at the time and it was supposed to have 3 x 40amp fuses. again makes me wonder if it even cracks 1000w.

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